Andri Heimann: How to reach citizens – practices and pitfalls from an applied perspective

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We would like to invite you to a pilot program at the TUM Think Tank on Science Communication and Public Engagement (SC & PE). The goal is to facilitate learning, co-creation and collaboration around these topics and to incubate first ideas and activities to increase public outreach at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology (SOT) and the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy (HfP).  

Why should you join? 

At times of increasing misinformation, there is a (growing) need to communicate complex issues to non-academic audiences and stakeholders. The public interest for the topics researched at the TUM SOT and the HfP is high, which leads to a broad and diverse audience for public communication and engagement. As academics and social scientists, all of us have to convey the value of our projects at some time or the other. For some, communication and public engagement might even become the core of their jobs – e.g., in case you join think tanks, policy advisory or consulting.  

How you can join? 

A weekly open Coffee & Cake Impulse Break will kick-start this community from 17 November until the Christmas break every Thursday 3-3:30 pm. We will invite experts from diverse SC & PE communities. The goal is to create an informal setting to share and discuss inputs, ideas and best-practice examples.