Global Diversity (Sucessful in International Teams) (Workshop)

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Maria Prahl
Duration1.5 SWS
TermWintersemester 2022/23
Language of instructionEnglish
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In the workshop we will - individually deal with our own cultural background and its impact on intercultural collaboration - Analyze the role and tasks of team leaders in an intercultural context - Develop strategies for case studies in international teams. After this workshop you will - Be able to analyze situations of your professional life in an international team - Know how to deal with Culture shock and its symptoms. - Know strategies to deal with intercultural situations - Have the basics to feel more secure when intercultural situations in your work occur.


Collaboration in international teams is becoming a crucial everyday part of working environments. It brings numerous benefits, but can also lead to misunderstandings, confusions and conflicts that can hinder productivity. The aim of the training is to prepare participants for teamwork from an intercultural perspective and especially to reflect the influence of diversity on the team process in international teams. To achieve this goal, we will work with science-based models, short lectures and numerous exercises with a strong focus on the relevance for your professional and daily life.



Teaching and learning methods

The workshop will be a mix of input, case studies, discussions and group work.


- of three online sessions which need to be attended. It will be very interactive. Please make sure, you have no other appointments meanwhile. - individual tasks for individual learning - a small (virtual) team project - the writing of a Learning summary (2 pages) (2 ECTS) (Deadline 30.1.21) Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist folgenden Modulen zugeordnet: CLA20710 Global Diversity Training (2 Credits) Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie jedes Modul nur einmal in Ihrem Studium einbringen können

Recommended literature

Gardenswartz, L./Rowe, A. et al. (2003): The Global Diversity Desk Reference. Managing an International Workforce, Pfeifer, San Francisco