At the end of your Dissertation


Here you find an overview of the process from submitting your dissertation to receiving your doctoral degree certificate.

Please also consult the following "Checkliste Doctoral Procedure – At the end of your doctoral project"

1. First of all complete your dissertation.

2. Check if all mandatory elements of the Qualification Program are fullfilled. Please note, only if all mandatory elements are fullfilled and have been approved you are aible to submit your dissertation via DocGS.

3. Examination board: send the completed and signed by your supervisor form  "Announcement of Examination Committee" to the Graduate Center-SOT 

4. Start the submission process of your disseration via DocGS and upload all documents including your dissertation.For the publication-based dissertation, please upload your publications as well! Detailed information can be found on the TUM Graduate School homepage.

5. Make an appointment with the TUM Center for Study and Teaching - Doctoral Studies and hand in your documents.

6. The examination board will be appointed by the School Council of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology


 --> Please follow the deadlines for submission in order your doctoral project can be opened at the desired School Council meeting.


to 3) Deliver the form "Announcement of examining committee"

at  Graduiertenzentrum-SOT 

via email

to 4) Submit your documents including your dissertation online

via Doc-GS

consult also webpage of Graduate School


to 5 ) Submit the haptic documents:
- Doctoral application from Doc-Gs
- notification of the dissertation topic
- declaration in lieu of an oath
- CV
- for puplication-based dissertations: either "Written declaration of consent or declaration of own contribution and co-authorship) at the

CST - Promotionsamt

Alexander Seboka
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

to 6 ) Dates of
School Council  Meetings

(The School Council opens the doctoral procedure)

from  26.10 until 08.11.2023

unitl  8th November 2023

until  22nd November 2023


from  9.11. until 08.1.2024

until 8th January 2024

until 17th January 2024


from  09.01 until 14.02.2024

until 14th February 2024

until 28th February 2024


from 15.2. until 10.04.2024

until 10th April 2024

until 24th April 2024


from 11.4. until 19.06.2024

until 19.June 2024

until 3rd July 2024



7. The reviews are prepared

After the School Council has appointed the examination committee, the examiners are invited by the Graduate Center to write their reviews on the dissertation. The examiners' revies are forwarded to the Chair and the Graduate Center. The Chair of the Examination Board reviews everything. The Graduate Center organises the procedure on behalf of the chair. The Graduate Center sends the invitation for the oral examination on behalf of the chair. For information: The reviewers have three months to prepare their reviews.


8. The oral examination

The examination committee independently sets a date and a room. When scheduling, care is taken to ensure at least four weeks between receipt of the reviews and the oral examination; August and the Christmas vacations are not considered. The Examination Committee sends all relevant information on the oral examination to the Graduate Center. The Graduate Center sends out the invitations at least one week in advance on behalf of the Chair of the Examination Board.

    Tip: Always allow for a time buffer!

9. Either you publish your dissertation in electronic form (e.g. in MediaTUM) or in paper form with ISBN. For further information please check the website of  the TUM library

10. You receive your doctoral certificate (Promotionsurkunde) from the SOT-Graduate Center. Now you may use your doctoral title.

11. Check your TUM Graduate School Certificate and Transcript of Records in your Doc-GS account and give your print approval via email to .
You will receive a message from the SOT Graduate Center when your TUM Graduate School Certificate and Transcript of Records are ready.


21. February 2024