During the doctorate

Mandatory elements

During the initial phase of your doctorate (first 6 month) you are asked to participate in the Kick-Off seminar

The Kick-Off seminar provides you with information on all aspects of scientific work. In addition, you will participate in an interdisciplinary workshop (two days). The three-day seminar is also an ideal opportunity to network with doctoral students from other disciplines.

In 2023, 14 presence (in Raitenhaslach) and two online Seminars are planned. An overview of the dates as well as information on registration (Doc-GS only) can be found here

The Graduate School will record the confirmation of attendance of this seminar in your Doc-GS account. 

In addition to your supervisor, who will supervise you professionally, a mentor will support you as a doctoral student in various aspects of the doctorate. The mentor can provide further specialist support, but can also be consulted additionally or exclusively on questions of meaningful interdisciplinary qualification, project and time management during the doctorate. The topics of life and career planning as well as personal development can also be reflected upon and advanced with the mentor. Mentors can be anyone who has demonstrated their ability to conduct independent academic work through a doctorate. See also.
At the TUM School of Social Sciences, you must have a mentor from the beginning. If, for whatever reason, you have not yet registered your mentor in DocGs, please do so as soon as possible. The same applies if you want to change your mentor:

  •     Please download the PDF scan of your supervision agreement from your DocGS account and have your mentor sign it.
  •     Afterwards, please use the function in your DocGS account: Request change of doctoral characteristics --> Request change

Make sure that the mentorship is independent of the research project!

The TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology offers professional and interdisciplinary qualifications for doctoral students.

Old regulation of Graduate Center SOT ( valid for those who have been registered on the doctoral list by June 21, 2023)
The offer includes doctoral colloquia, statistics and software seminars etc. In relation to the total duration of the doctorate, each doctoral candidate must attend a total of 6 semester hours per week (SWS) of subject-specific qualifications. For example, if you are doing a doctorate for 3 years, it is sufficient to complete 1 SWS per semester. Naturally, it is up to you how you divide up the 6 SWS.

All forms can be found under "Links and Downloads"

During the doctoral phase, each doctoral candidate presents his or her research project for discussion in the international scientific community. As a rule, this is done by means of submitted publications or conference papers, which are subject to a peer review process. This publication is obligatory for all doctoral candidates, i.e. also for those writing a monograph.

Important: Extra regulations apply to publication-based dissertations.

Proofreading Service: from Mai 2023 until Mai 2024, this service is not available as you have access to grammarly

To support you in your publication, the TUM Graduate School offers all doctoral students professional proofreading of scientific articles in English. The proofreading service  is free of charge for TUM-GS members. At present, several articles can be proofread. More information . Form for proofreading service

At the latest 24 months after joining the TUM-GS (provisional membership) a feedback meeting of the doctoral project will be held according to § 15 Abs. 7 of the statute of the TUM Graduate School, in which the continuation of the doctoral project is discussed.

Basics for the feedback discussion with the first supervisor are a.o.:

  • a seminar lecture open to the public, which can be replaced by a lecture at a scientific conference,
  • a written interim report by the doctoral candidate on the progress of the scientific work signed by the first supervisor and mentor,
  • an updated care agreement (if necessary)
  • Information with regard to the counselling interviews with mentors and
  • Documentation/protocol of the feedback meeting with the first supervisor (NEW in doctoral regulations 2021)

The checklist for the feedback session according to the doctoral regulations 2012 and 2021 can be found here.

--> Upload your documents clearly structured in Doc-GS as shown in the instructions so that the approval process works without any problems.

Please note that the feedback interview must be approved again after the change of the doctoral regulations.
For this purpose, you may have to upload the documents again in a structured manner.

Doctoral students confirm their data  in DocGS once a year. Confirmation begins each year on September 1 and lasts 6 weeks until October 13. This ensures that the doctoral list contains only ongoing doctoral projects. In the course of this process, supervisors confirm via DocGS that the respective doctoral student continues to do his or her doctorate.

Attention: If you do not confirm your data, your Doc-Gs account will be blocked near the end of the hearing period on November 15 of the year.

For internal doctorates, integration into the academic environment of TUM is automatically given.

Form as download you can find  here.

Voluntary programme

The TUM Graduate School offers interdisciplinary courses. The courses are designed as a supplementary qualification during your doctorate and offer valuable orientation for your next career steps. You can find further interdisciplinary course providers here.

Science and research are more international today than ever before. The Graduate School therefore supports international and intercultural cooperation in research and the development of personal and institutional networks. The support can only be claimed by internal doctoral candidates  after the feedback interview and the kick-off seminar (no exceptions).

TUM-GS provides support to doctoral candidates who are employed at TUM as research/teaching associates in the form of funding of 1,600 euros for the following:

  • Stays for research purposes at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country
  • Presentation of the candidate’s own scientific, scholarly or research findings at international conferences, symposia etc. in another country
  • Attending international subject-specific summer/winter schools, workshops, etc. in another country
  • Inviting international visiting researchers to do joint research on the candidate’s own dissertation project at the TUM
  • Travel expenses for examiners (from foreign universities) to participate in the doctoral voce at the TUM

Doctoral candidates who are completing their doctoral research according to the current TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (effective January 1, 2014) can apply for an additional 1,400 euros for the following:

  • Stays for research purposes lasting no less than four weeks at a time at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country

The following application documents are typically needed:

  1. Application for TUM-GS internationalization support via Doc-GS, Signed by the supervisor and the Graduate Center Manager
  2. Service/continuing education approval (Dienst-/Fortbildungsgenehmigung) - signed by supervisor or chef

You  find all important information in the checklist/leaflet of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology - Internationalisation Support

Further information on financial support for your stay abroad can be found here.

Doctoral students who are neither employed at TUM nor receive a classic doctoral scholarship cannot be funded by the regular TUM-GS financial support. Instead, they have the possibility to apply for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant of max. 1.600 Euro.

External doctoral students with excellent subject matter can apply for the grant for:

  • a research stay at a scientific institute or with a researching company abroad
  • the presentation of their own scientific results at international conferences and symposia abroad, and
  • participation in international professional summer/winter schools, professional workshops, etc.

You can only apply for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant for planned trips. Please send your application documents to  Frau Rietz-Leiber.

Your application should include the following information and documents:

  • Application form
  • Cover letter with presentation of the:
    • Type and relevance of the trip for the doctoral project
    • Expected results (e.g. publication, conference contribution, joint research proposal with international cooperation partner, learning a method, elaboration of data and research results etc.)
    • Duration and cost of the trip (with cost estimates)
  • Short curriculum vitae with Master'ss grade and list of publications
  • If interim evaluation/feedback discussion has not yet taken place; confirmation from the supervisor that the internationalisation measure is useful and necessary at the current time of the doctorate

The application deadlines are as follows:

1st quarter - 15.03.

2nd quarter - 15.06.

3rd quarter - 15.09.

4th quarter - 15.12.

The faculty graduate center of the TUM SChool of Education prepares a ranking of the applicants per quarter and forwards it to the TUM Graduate School.

The final decision to award the grant is made by the TUM-GS board and the Graduate Dean.

Are you doing teaching during your doctoral studies and would like to have this mentioned in your certificate? Please upload a list of your teaching activities (signed by your first supervisor) in Doc-GS.



Have you given a scientific lecture and would you like this achievement to appear in the certificate? Then you can upload the lecture (title of the lecture, where held, proof) in Doc-Gs.


Change of status

Update your email address

Please ensure that your email address in Doc-Gs is always current. 
The email address you registered with in Doc-Gs is the most important in Doc-GS. The new password, for example, will also be sent to this email address if you request a new one.

To change the E-mail address: Login to DocGS, and click "My Account" in the menu on the right. Under the tab "User account" he can also change your email address.

If something went wrong here and you no longer have access to your email address for example: The TUM mail address was deposited, but it has now "expired", you must contact docgs@gs.tum.de. Only the Doc-GS team of the Graduate School can manually change your email address.

Change of your Mentor

If you want to change your mentor, you can do this via Doc-GS. The Graduate Center must approve your change of mentor.

Change of the first supervisor

If you want to change your Supervisor within the School or outside, please get in touch with the future supervisor  and clarify the possibility of a change.
--> Please get in touch with the SOT Graduate Center as soon as possible!

Re-activation Doc- GS Account

Please fill out the form  have the supervisor sign it and send it to the SOT- Graduate Centre. The SOT-Graduate Center will forward it. The Graduate School will activate the account.
Please note: the data update must then be completed within 14 days. If this does not happen, the account will be blocked after 14 days.

Cancellation of the doctorate

If you have decided not to continue your doctorate, mail the completed and signed waiver   to the SOT-Graduate Center. (No Scan!!)