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TUM Courses on "Ethics of Responsibilty" open for students from all EuroTech partner universities - as part of the EuroTech Digital Learning Initiative

An alliance of leading European and international universities of science and technology is starting an international study programme with the goal of jointly shaping the engineering education of the future.
This “EuroTeQ Engineering University” will be open not only to students enrolled at the partner universities. The initiative will reinvigorate the symbiosis between society and technology together with various stakeholders and orient its programme towards human-centred engineering.

Who can participate?

  • The seminars are open for all students of the EuroTeQ universities alliance.
  • The limited number of study places requires a short personal application by email at: Content: Last name, first name, date of birth, home university, study program, semester of study, 1st citizenship; special interests; possible background in ethics, etc. Deadline: 09th April.

Open courses in summer semester 2021:

  1. Ethics of Responsibility. An Introduction to Applied Ethics; (WTG & EuroTeQ);
  2. Robo-Ethics. Ethical Challenges Autonomous Machines (Ethische Herausforderungen autonomer Maschinen); (WTG & EuroTeQ)

Lecturers of the partner universities please contact:

Dr. Eva Sandmann (; PD Dr. Jörg Wernecke (