Thinking - Feeling - Doing. Project Weeks at the TUM

Pictures: Dominik Wendland 


Project Weeks


Do you prefer to learn through exercises or from real challenges? Do you want to impress only experts or do you want to ask yourself socially relevant questions?

You do? Then register for one of the project weeks that will take place for the first time from January 8th to 13th, 2024* at TUM!

The interdisciplinary Kontextlehre WTG and the Department of Science, Technology and Society offer the following project weeks:

Offered Courses in January 2024

Projects outside of the project week

Kontextlehre WTG organizes other project-oriented courses that do not take place in early January. Here is a small selection:

Weeks without credits?

Unfortunately, not all project weeks are anchored in modules and courses. It was initially more important to us to implement great new offers. So: for most of our "project weeks" it is not yet clear whether and how they will be counted towards the curriculum. But that shouldn't really play a role in the selection! Who wants to spend their whole life doing what ECTS credits are for?


No time for the projects?

Please inform your lecturers that you will not be able to attend the regular courses this week. You should not suffer any disadvantages from this, because it is extremely important for your personal development as well as for your professional skills that you further educate yourself with socially relevant issues in creative-cooperative learning situations with interdisciplinary teams.

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