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Are you tired of putting off work all the time? Do you feel like procrastination affects your mental health?

We have the solution to (almost) all of your problems!

Studies have shown that procrastination is very common in students. It often affects their academic performance as well as their mental wellbeing negatively.

We believe that education and showing you strategies on how to help yourself are the key to overcome procrastination.

Based on the latest scientific research, we designed a free 3-week Proactivation online course.

In this program, we will show you methods to counteract procrastination and provide advice on how to improve your study life.


Need some extra motivation to start?

The first 50 participants who take part in our course and fill out 3 questionnaires will get 15€!

The data will be used to learn more about the complex issue of procrastination and improve our course for future generations. You will be part of one of the latest studies on procrastination!

Take the chance and join us in our mission of tackling procrastination habits.

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Who are we?

We are PROACTIVATION, a student research team from various fields of study. What unites us is our interest in mental health and the strong belief in modern technologies to be of great value to a healthy life.