Meaningful Project Management - Mental Health and Supporting Students from the Ukraine

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During the Mental Health project

We want to introduce two wonderful and extraordinary projects which developed from our Meaningful Project Management workshop at WTG.

1. Mental Health: To increase awareness about mental health, students from our workshop Meaningful Project Management arranged an event called "Mental Health Conversation Space". As a part of the project, they set up a small stand at the entrance of the building at the main campus.
People passing by were asked by them to have a conversation about mental health and reflect on questions such as:

  • What does mental health mean to you?
  • How do you take care of your mental health in general?
  • Do you sometimes talk about mental health with your friends and family?
  • Do you think that having a conversation like this here helps people to understand its importance?

By asking questions like these, they tried to encourage people to reflect on their mental well-being and motivate them to take better self-care.
Another goal of the project was to challenge the stigma around having a conversation about mental health as people usually can share knowledge about many things from nutrition strategies to sports, from studies to careers.

2. TUM Students Unite Buddy Program for Ukrainian Students in Munich: Through 24 matches our students were able to create an individualized network between Ukrainians and TUM students to guide and support them during their stay in Munich. In addition to that, a Kick-off Day was organized at the end of July to facilitate communication among participants. For this event, our students worked in cooperation with Working Between Cultures, who designed and moderated the integration activities focused on raising awareness and sensitivity among the TUM buddies and giving them “tools to communicate effectively in delicate intercultural settings”.

Thank you Alisa Smirnova, Ayush Shukla, Benjamin Rodatz, María Fernanda Pérez and Natalia Herrera for this excellent example of what a Meaningful Project is; not only responding to the current pressing needs but expanding and complementing TUM’s efforts to alleviate the consequences of war in Ukraine.

We encourage all students who want to know more about meaningful projects. If you want to realize meaninfulg projects, participate in the WTG workshop Meaningful Project Management. Contribute meaningfully to our University and society.
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