The Climate Drama – Are we taking action or just acting like it? (Lecture Series Environment - Main Campus) ()

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Antonia Lena Borsutzky
  • Barbara Kopp-Gebauer
  • Franziska Recknagel
  • Laurin Reim
  • Alfred Slanitz
Duration1.5 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information


After successful participation in this module course, students are able to understand lectures at a high scientific level and to summarize central statements in a report. Students will be able to comprehend analyses of sustainable development and critically discuss related problems using in-depth literature. In addition, students are familiar with formulating their own positions and justifying them argumentatively in discussions. Furthermore, they know where they can explore the topic of sustainability in more detail on campus, whether in the form of course offerings, internships, projects or thesis.


Here we are, each one of us, standing on this great stage that is steadily igniting. Some are afraid of its future weight, and others are merely reciting. There is no autoplay, no single stairway, nor last will arranged. We are all involved and, here to stay in this century’s great drama: “Climate Change”. It is complex, urgent, and the greatest challenge to the humanity of this decade. When has eating meat become worse than burning oil? Or, advocating climate protest more threatening than inequality or populism? Are we really taking meaningful action to combat the climate crisis? Are we, as actors, qualified for this play, or are we just bystanders watching from the sidelines? Maybe we should start changing the script. In this intriguing lecture, we'll cut through the haze of greenwashing and the maze of disinformation. We will analyze the psychology of our action (or rather: our inaction), and delve into the social, political, and economic structures driving - or even impeding -progress. For it is not only about individual action, but the collective movement that can drive a global turnaround against climate change. Don’t miss this chance to get fired up and get ready to act and take on the climate drama!

Teaching and learning methods

The lectures will take place hybrid - in presence and via Zoom. Each lecture will be followed by a Q and A with the lecturers. Depending on the rules due to the corona pandemic, you will have to register via moodle to hear them in presence.


CLA11317 (1 Credit): Short PowerPoint presentation at the end of the semester (ungraded). Furthermore it is necessary to earn 9 academic points. Participation in a Q and A earns 1 academic point. Apart from that, we will offer additional events which earn 2 or 3 academic points. CLA31900 (3 Credits): Poster session in groups of 2-3 people (graded). Furthermore it is necessary to earn 16 academic points via participation in a Q and A, discussion or other additional events.